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Technology for Transparency: the New Standard for Eliminating Overbilling Fraud in Professional Service Contracts.
Silvina Moschini
Nov. 25, 2018
The Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) Community is among one of the most prestigious cross-industry collaborative efforts identifying key issues of corruption, compliance, transparency, and emerging market-risks and engaging in new pertinent solutions alongside governments, international organizations, and business leaders.
Labor Inclusion the Fundamental Imperative to Building an Inclusive, Equal, and Thriving Economy.
Silvina Moschini
Oct. 17, 2018
A Recap of the W20 Summit 2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Silvina Moschini presents Panel Innovation Digital
Silvina Moschini
Apr. 25, 2018
Did you miss the Summit of the Americas? Check out the panel on “Exponential Disruption of the Digital Economy” featuring Silvina Moschini and global leaders representing the most innovative companies.
Transparency and Inclusion, the driving concepts of Americas CEOs Summit in Peru
Silvina Moschini
Apr, 2018
That’s a wrap! Every three years, the most influential business forum of the America, brings together top CEOs, Heads of State, and over a thousand business executives for strategic discussions of issues related to economic growth and development; and the VIII Summit of the Americas (Lima, Peru, April 2018) did not disappoint.
Sales Channel Director SheWorks! & TransparentBusiness
Silvina Moschini
Jan, 2018
We’re looking for a highly-motivated executive. Reporting to the CEO, the successful candidate will be responsible for winning, maintaining, and expanding relationships with assigned channel partners.
Roel Hoekstra Joins TransparentBusiness as Senior Vice President
Alex Konanykhin
December, 2017
TransparentBusiness is pleased to announce that Roel Hoekstra has joined the corporation as Senior Vice President. Mr. Hoekstra will focus on expanding TransparentBusiness business in the Northeastern United States.
TransparentBusiness and Yandiki connect Businesses with Millennials
Silvina Moschini
June, 2015
Through internet based platforms TransparentBusiness and Yandiki offer companies and workers the necessary tools to get “matched up” and to work together remotely, without the need of physical offices.
Companies Today are Making Full Use of Outsourcing
Silvina Moschini
Mar, 2015
Cloudworking is a new trend in telecommuting, thanks to new technologies and an increase in independent workers. Another emerging trend is hiring talent on demand. Silvina Moschini says it’s the preferred way of working for Millennials, as well as those of us who are older but desire more flexibility.
Is Miami the next innovation capital?
Silvina Moschini
Sep, 2013
The possibility of turning Miami into Latin America’s technology capital sparks enthusiasm within local investors and entrepreneurs. Beyond these encouraging signs, the challenge lies in generating a stimulating environment that contributes to innovative
San Francisco supervisor wants family-friendly workplace scheduling for employees
Alex Konanykhin
Aug, 2013
It seems that telecommuting program soon become a must-have for many companies, as a matter or law. Does your company have tools like TransparentBusiness in place to monitor work of the telecommuters and the real-time status of the tasks assigned to them?
Alex Konanykhin
Jun, 2013
TransparentBusiness might be the best privacy tool ever invented. In all businesses, employees are being monitored. The most common method has not changed in centuries: the direct observation of workers by managers an uring the entire work day.
Telecommuting: Is it effective?
Alex Konanykhin
Aug, 2013
Is telecommuting the right move for you? Telecommuting is becoming widely used among several companies including the Federal Government. Why is it so attractive? Companies believe that telecommuting can actually save them millions of dollars.
Does The IRS' New Safe Harbor Rules Help Or Hurt Remote Workers?
Alex Konanykhin
Aug, 2013
TransparentBusiness IRS rules contribute to outsourcing offshore --- Many companies chose to outsource offshore as any work which can be performed remotely by a telecommuter can also be performed by a worker abroad which does not have to report to the IRS
Growing and competing from
Alex Konanykhin
Aug, 2012
Cloud computing is no longer reserved for large companies or companies in the computer industry. What are the advantages of the cloud and why does access to it grow?