Managing remote teams without visibility is like flying an airplane without instruments

Increase productivity with TransparentBusiness. SMBs can now access cost-free licenses for teams of up to 25 users, until 2022.

A Global Program to Support SMBs and Entrepreneurs

Cost-free licenses until 2022

TransparentBusiness is a cloud-based solution for coordinating and managing remote teams transparently, innovatively, and efficiently. Our solution solves the three challenges associated with working remotely:


With TransparentBusiness team leaders can track all the tasks performed by their team, regardless of where they are working.

We solve the most common problems related to third-party contracting and remote work.

Increases productivity
Prevents overbilling
Enables team coordination
and monitoring
Provides real-time data to manage budgets and the status of all tasks and projects.
Due to Covid-19, remote work has become the key to business continuity as billions of companies abruptly adapt their business models to adjust to the new normal.

Worldwide, SMBs represent more than 90 percent of businesses, employ up to 70% of the workforce, and in developed countries account for 55% of GDP on average.

In the United States, more than 99 percent of businesses are considered SMBs, and they were hit the hardest by the pandemic. According to the Small Business Administration, more than 30% of small businesses temporarily shut down their operation in some capacity. What’s more, a majority of small businesses report that they are preparing for a second wave of COVID-19 and an economy that will change permanently.

To help SMBs mitigate the negative impact of the pandemic and as part of its commitment to democratizing worldwide access to remote work, TransparentBusiness launched a global program to help SMBs and entrepreneurs efficiently and transparently manage their workforce with cost-free software licenses until 2022.

As part of this program, participating SMBs will have complimentary access to our CloudWorking Academy, where users can learn to use the platform, and become familiar with the processes, best practices, and the tools to best leverage our technology, and software licenses at no cost until 2022.

The offer includes:

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