Managing remote teams without visibility is like flying a plane without instruments

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TransparentBusiness is a cloud-based solution to coordinate and manage remote teams with transparency, innovation, and efficiency. Our solution resolves the three biggest challenges associated with remote working, which are:


With TransparentBusiness team leaders can manage and track their team's progress, no matter where they are working from.

We solve the most common problems for outsourcing talent and remote working.

Increase productivity
Avoid overbilling
and monitor teams
Provides real-time information on the cost and status of all the tasks and projects.
Due to Covid-19, remote work is being hailed as the key for business continuity. As a result, thousands of companies are drastically changing their business models accordingly.

SMBs represent 70% of the workforce, and account for 50% of GDP in emerging markets.

However, during the pandemic it was the hardest hit sector. ECLAC estimates that at the end of 2020 2.7 million companies possibly closed, equivalent to 19% of total companies in the region.

That's why TransparentBusiness is committed to democratizing access to remote jobs around the world. We launched a program aimed at helping SMB's and Entrepreneurs effectively and transparently manage their teams in order to aleviate the negative impact of the pandemic while simutaneously growing their businesses.

By joining TransparentBusiness, users also have access to our CloudWorking Academy. You can acquire training and get familiar with the platform, and learn about the best practices and tools to maximize our platform and software.

Our program includes:

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