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TransparentBusiness was developed in 2008 by KMGi Group, founded in New York in 1997 and internationally acclaimed for its online innovations.

At TransparentBusiness, we believe in the amazing power of technology. Technology levels the playing field for opportunities, builds bridges, shortens distances, and allows millions of people to work from anywhere they want.

Our platform is designed to help our clients increase freelancer productivity, protect client budgets from overbilling, allow coordination and monitoring of their work force, and provide real-time information on the cost and status of all tasks and projects. We proudly introduce a radical, new way to managing your projects so you can focus on running a successful business.

Executive Team

Meet the people who are passionate about improving the way people and companies work.
Alex Konanykhin
Silvina Moschini
Howard Needle
Chief Financial Officer
Andrew Winn
Chief Investor Relations Officer
Peter Smirnov
Maricruz Tabbia
Chief of Staff & Operations
Ron Portell
Senior Vice President
Billy Kenny
Senior Vice President
Mark Burtschi
Senior Vice President
Mauricio Vargas
Head of International Markets
Gerardo Flores
Country Manager, Mexico
Martin Ruano
VP Financial Planning
& Operations

Legislators in most states introduced the bill suggested by TransparentBusiness, seeking to make transparent verification of billable hours the new standard of public procurement; see

Media Reports

TransparentBusiness changes the way in which people work.
Platforms like TransparentBusiness, developed by KMGi, facilitate the management of projects carried out by workers located in different parts of the world. Every three minutes, this tool captures the computer screen of each team member.
TransparentBusiness is a new bill-monitoring service designed to allow clients to view their lawyers´ billing activities through a computer surveillance system.
Be transparent. KMGi almost doubled its business from existing clients in 2011 by allowing them to monitor the ad design work in real-time via TransparentBusiness.
TransparentBusiness was distinguished in 2012 as a "Rising Star" in the category "Best Cloud Computing Solution for Enterprise" during the 14th edition of PC World Latin America Awards.
Clients who use the application can manage their businesses from anywhere, coordinate their team anytime, view screenshots in real-time to see how tasks progress and to avoid overbilling.

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