Transparency and Accountability in Remote Workforce Management

Our SaaS solution helps you effectively manage remote teams.

Keep your team Accountable and Coordinated, with No Walls and No Limits.

Organize projects, manage priorities, and get work done with your remote team,
no matter where they are.

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We digitize the work process, making working in the cloud transparent, efficient and accountable.

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    Smart Management and Collaboration

    Efficient coordination of your workforce, and ability to provide immediate feedback.

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    Increase Productivity

    Achieve a 15%-40% productivity increase by tracking every billable minute.

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    Top Curated Talent

    Effortlessly find workers or contractors with the skillset best matching each job requirement.

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    Efficient Communication

    Best tools to discuss any task or project, including multi-level chat and wikis.

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    Monitor Performance

    Including billing and cost data for your entire business, or a specific team or project.

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    CIA-Grade Security

    The project data is stored on AWS Cloud, authorized by the US Gov’t to store CIA data.

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