Leveraging AI for Social Impact
Leveraging AI for Social Impact
Silvina Moschini
May 17, 2019

This week, I have been absolutely thrilled to join as a Google Launchpad mentor in San Francisco to support the amazing social entrepreneurs from around the world that are leveraging the use of AI to think outside the box and solve the world’s most extreme social, humanitarian, and environmental problems.

The “Google AI Impact Challenge” issued an open call to entrepreneurs to submit their ideas and initiatives on how they could use AI to deliver viable solutions addressing important world issues. There was an incredible response, Google received applications from 119 countries ranging from 6 different continents!

From these applications, 20 organizations that are believed to have the most impact potential were selected to share $25 million in grants from Google, and also invited to join the Google Launchpad Accelerators Program where they will have mentoring from Google AI experts and the opportunity to share contacts, build networks, and receive some insight on how to build their initiative from the ground up.

I am feeling extremely proud that among the grantees, are two Latin American organizations, from Colombia and Brazil.

Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Colombia): Using satellite imagery to detect illegal mines, enabling communities and the government to protect people and natural resources.

Hand Talk(Brazil): Using AI to translate Portuguese into Brazilian Sign Language through a digital avatar, enabling digital communication for Brazilians who are deaf and and hard-of-hearing.

This is an extremely impressive group of entrepreneurs, be sure to check out the full list of grantees here.

Feeling inspired, I am grateful to be among these brilliant minds, helping them take their projects from concept and planning stages to reality and then scalable for immense impact.

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