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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of companies can benefit from using TransparentBusiness?

Any business whose employees perform computer-based tasks can benefit from TransparentBusiness. TransparentBusiness is designed for projects in various fields, such as: design, programming, translation, public relations, social media marketing, writing, data entry, research, legal and financial services.

Why is transparency important?

At TransparentBusiness, we believe transparency is fundamental to building solid, trusting relationships among professional teams, partners, and clients. In addition to increasing coordination and communication, transparency also offers the following benefits:

  • Motivates employees and boosts self-confidence.
  • Facilitates time management.
  • Allows the team to focus on successfully achieving their objectives.
  • Optimizes efficiency.

Can I use TransparentBusiness as a freelancer?

Any business TransparentBusiness is a valuable tool for freelancers looking to get an edge on their competition, gain trust of potential clients, and build long-term business relationships. Our built-in automated time logging feature sponsors prompt payments, and allows freelancers to avoid disputes regarding the number of hours spent on completing tasks.

How does TransparentBusiness benefit freelancers and telecommuters?

TransparentBusiness enables employees to work from home, eliminating an often costly and time-consuming commute to the office. TransparentBusiness also eliminates the need for a fixed schedule, as the platform records the amount of time worked, any time of the day. Administrators can review the exact amount of hours worked per day, and the progress of tasks and projects. Thanks to TransparentBusiness, telecommuting and working-from-home productivity is never in question as all aspects of work completed are automatically recorded and documented on our platform.

Is it difficult to use TransparentBusiness?

TransparentBusiness is an easy, intuitive and user friendly platform used by 9,000 clients from all over the world! In order to ensure our clients are comfortable using TransparentBusiness, a complimentary training course is available for all teams who will be leading their projects via our platform. Additional help is available via comprehensive user manual or by contacting our help center and our specialized technical support center.

What is the cost of the TransparentBusiness service?

Our monthly price is 8 USD monthly per user. For annual subscriptions you get 2 months for free (80 USD).

Do you offer a free trial?

We offer a 14 day trial period. No Credit Card required to sign up.

Is my information safe?

We have specific regulations and procedures in place to ensure comprehensive protection of our clients’ information. TransparentBusiness stores data and user information with Amazon Web Services, which boasts certifications and international recognition for its high security standards. AWS services are used globally for online payment services, and by governments to safeguard their confidential information.

How is my information protected?

TransparentBusiness has security measures specifically designed to protect your information:

  • The platform is accessed via HTTP Secure (HTTPS).
  • We've implemented robust data validation and intrusion detection mechanisms.
  • Each user has their own identity-verified security credentials.
  • Users of the platform only have access to data which they have generated themselves.
  • Owners and managers of each account can assign roles to users, thus limiting the actions users may perform and their access to data.
  • TransparentBusiness personnel does not have access to client activity information or any data stored in client accounts. Our view is restricted to number of registered persons, and the amount of storage your data occupies within our system.
  • During the selection and hiring of IT personnel who work with TransparentBusiness, we employ specialized services for background verification.

Can I store TransparentBusiness on my own servers?

It is possible to install TransparentBusiness on the server of your choice, at an additional cost.

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