Victor Muñoz video

Victor Muñoz, the advisor of the President of Colombia on economics affairs and digital transformation recorded a video about TransparentBusiness

Here’s the translation to English:

"As a Colombian who has had the opportunity to know TransparentBusiness, with which I have been able to interact on behalf of the National Government, it has really been an honor during this time, that we can advance in those digital transformation challenges that we are facing throughout the world in this time of pandemic.

I think the advancement of the remote work, the advancement of the change of the jobs of the future, is a very pertinent topic. Really, the challenges we are going to face to have those schemes of more than 30% of the population performing virtual work models are going to be very important. But also, with the whole scheme of digital skills challenges they face or that we all face right now.

A very special greeting!

A gigantic congratulation for becoming a Unicorn!

And above all for working hand in hand with governments and with different companies in different countries.”

Victor Muñoz video