News reports about the first 100 graduates

A few weeks ago, in the update we reported about SheWorks, a subsidiary of TransparentBusiness, signing a partnership with the National Public Learning Service (SENA) of Colombia.

Today, we are pleased to share a news report about the first 100 women trained through this program, including a statement of Silvina Moschini, a co-founder, Chairwoman and President of TransparentBusiness.

The article is in Spanish but the English translation is posted below:

News reports about the first 100 graduates

Around 100 Colombian women were trained in digital issues
It is a product of the Agreement between SheWorks! and SENA.

By American Economy

Seeking to reduce the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, SheWorks! made an agreement with SENA (National Learning Service), in Colombia, to strengthen the skills required for employability through an educational program in virtual mode.

During the four-week program, 100 apprentices from 14 departments were trained, selected from more than 350 applicants, who strengthened their knowledge in digital marketing strategy, digital content development, e-commerce and marketing analytics. The learning environment included a combination of theoretical Masterclasses, live practical workshops, as well as asynchronous content.

Regarding the initiative, Silvina Moschini CEO and founder of SheWorks!, indicates that "we seek to close the gender unemployment gap through in-demand skills training and job opportunities in the cloud. Today we are taking a great first step, approaching this group of Colombian women to new opportunities in the world of work with the vision of scaling the program to more women in the SENA community in the future to create greater long-term impact ”.

To this, Carlos Estrada, general director of SENA, adds that “we must be aware of the changes that come with digital transformation and technological convergence. The analog world as we knew it is rapidly disappearing. For this reason, we must train integral human beings, work on the development of technical, entrepreneurial and digital skills, as well as socio-emotional and civic competencies, which enable our apprentices to create a company or access a decent, decent, stable and official job”.

The agreement is an opportunity to impact the region and implement concrete benefits of remote work in people's lives, in addition to contributing to the accompaniment of Colombians in their professional development.