Unicoin - Shareholder Value

We are pleased to share with you the fourth (and final) video we recorded this week, in which our CEO Alex Konanykhin discusses how Unicoin contributes to the shareholder value for TransparentBusiness shareholders. In this video, he answers the following questions:

1. Why did TransparentBusiness launch Unicoin?
2. TransparentBusiness started as a software company, then you added additional businesses. What prompted such a diversification?
3. Would the portfolio developed by Unicorn Hunters become a portfolio of Unicoin?
4. Why not just focus on SaaS, the original business of TransparentBusiness?
5. How exactly would TransparentBusiness shareholders benefit from Unicoin?
6. Do you plan to take TransparentBusiness public?
7. Are you satisfied with the progress of your company so far?