Unicoin - Global Fund of Innovations

We are pleased to share with you the third video we recorded this week, in which our CEO Alex Konanykhin answers these questions related to the Global Fund of Innovations that shall generate dividends for Unicoin holders:

1. How will Unicoin develop its equity portfolio and pay dividends?
2. Why is Unicoin backed by equity and not gold or U.S. dollars?
3. How do you know the companies would accept unicoins as a payment for their equity?
4. How will you select companies for your portfolio?
5. Will all of them be featured on your Unicorn Hunters show?
6. How can investors evaluate the strength of your portfolio?
7. How often will you be paying dividends?
8. What size of the Unicoin portfolio do you expect?
9. Wouldn’t it then be the largest venture fund?
10. With such a volume of business, what would be the ecological impact?
11. What about the social impact?
12. How can investors purchase unicoin?