Voice of America - new interview with Silvina Moschini

TransparentBusiness is getting more media visibility every week!

We are pleased to share with you that Voice of America, a radio station of the United States government, has also published this interview with Silvina Moschini, a co-founder, Chairwoman and President of TransparentBusiness.

(the English translation is below)

Voice of America - new interview with Silvina Moschini

Argentine Business That Found an Opportunity in a Pandemic

This initiative has empowered women's work in 93 countries around the world and today employs or benefits 20,000 women.

By Laura Sepúlveda Arcila

NEW YORK - - Amid the restrictions of the pandemic, a business led by an Argentine woman has opened opportunities and new horizons for hundreds of women in remote locations.

From the Big Apple, TransparentBusiness is the umbrella under which SheWorks exists, a company founded by Silvina Moschini, who in addition to facilitating the connection of large and small companies with workers in different parts of the world, even remote places, promotes the hand female work.

“The pandemic functioned or functioned as a Big Bang, as a dramatically changed explosion in which companies work. As you know, half of the universe was forced to stay in their homes and in this context, billions of companies have been forced to work remotely, ”Moschini told the Voice of America.

The changes brought by COVID-19 were not 100 percent negative. On the contrary, there were companies that found opportunities in the midst of challenges. One of them, Transparent Business, a business whose leader is an Argentine woman. Her initiative has opened opportunities and new horizons for hundreds of women in remote locations. Laura Sepúlveda, correspondent for the Voice of America, has the story.

A style of work that benefits people like Maricruz Tabbia, who lived in Bangkok.

She had an hour's drive from my house, from my apartment to the office and even had to change the means of transportation, she would go by train, the taxi and then walk a little to get home. So I really don't miss the time that I was leaving and returning to work. ”

She assures that, in the end, “we work to live, we do not live to work.”

Like any company, Silvina's started 5 years ago with a dream and many goals. Under the conditions that she brought in the 2020 pandemic, her leadership has accomplished something she had not imagined.

“In this paradigm shift in work and global talent markets, the market itself recognized us, or recognized our value, and I had the privilege of announcing a few days ago that our company became the first unicorn, as we say rosa, or unicornia, a company that the market values ​​in a billion dollars and that was founded and chaired by a woman,” Silvina told VOA.