TransparentBusiness in Forbes

Forbes has been frequently reporting about our progress lately. Here’s yet another of their reports , with the English translation:

TransparentBusiness in Forbes

TransparentBusiness Will Facilitate the Digitization of SMEs

TransparentBusiness aims to help SMEs in their digitization process to overcome the economic ravages of Covid-19.

By Alfredo Ascención

TransparentBusiness, the digital platform for remote work, created CloudWorking Academy, a program that will be free until 2022 with which it aims to help merchants or entrepreneurs of Central American sites to move more easily from the physical to the digital world.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) were forced to work remotely and no one gave them a manual for that. That is why a Cloud platform was created, which allows access from any place and device to supervise work tasks remotely, said Silvina Moschini, CEO of the company.

Working Academy has managed to help SMEs around the world to reinvent themselves to continue carrying out their activities despite the Covid pandemic, but in a virtual way, which has allowed their business to grow more, she pointed out.

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She added that CloudWorking Academy focuses on education, as it prepares SMEs through live masterclasses, prerecorded classes and curation of materials so that they can perform virtually.

In addition to this, TransparentBusiness provides SMEs, with a maximum of 25 people, free software until 2022, with the intention that companies can recover and continue to generate income.

“We intend to bring technology to the most remote places, because we know that there are many people with many skills, but due to the geographic conditions, it is difficult to reach them. TransparentBusiness wants to change that and make it possible to work from anywhere,” said Moschini.

“We are working with business chambers, creating alliances with national associations and governments to establish public-private coalitions to support SMEs to continue growing remotely and to make their services known beyond their country,” Silvina said.

“Central America and the Caribbean has the golden opportunity to export talent. That is why the region has enormous expectations to continue growing in countries such as: Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica and to have more allies in El Salvador, Nicaragua”, Moschini said.