Shark Tank

We are pleased to share with you that today we’ve reached the $10M milestone in our fourth round of financing.

We started that round on December 1st, at a $1.6B valuation.

Several shareholders inquired if Shark Tank is a dangerous competitor to our

I don’t consider them to be our direct competitor as Shark Tank is an entertainment show, which you can passively watch, whereas will be the first enrichtainment show, providing investors with continuous access to pre-IPO stock in high-growth-potential companies.

They specialize in featuring relatively small projects (the average investment on their show is just $160K), whereas we plan to feature companies which can present a strong case of being a future unicorn and raise millions of dollars.

Their business model is based on advertising, ours - on the membership fees and developing minority stakes in scalable companies.

There’s so little overlapping between our projects, that Kevin O’Leary, a star of Shark Tank, has even recorded a video greeting for our show: