Round 3d has been successfully completed

We are pleased to report that the Round 3d of our Global Private Offering has been successfully completed.

We’ve reached our $10M objective and, so far, we’ve met all milestones in our Global Private Offering schedule.

While future success can never be guaranteed, I’m confident that we shall also meet our next objective: raising $50M at $2/share by the end of May of the next year. That would position us well for the IPO in the fourth quarter.

This morning we’ve found in our inboxes quite a few emails from people who’ve missed the Friday deadline because of the Thanksgiving holidays. There were also those to whom we did not respond timely at the end of the last week due to us working with the reduced staff through the holiday weekend. So, I authorized our Investor Relations team to process, at the $1/share price, all applications received by midnight tonight (New York Time)

As we had subscribed all 10 million shares allocated for the 3d round, these applications will be satisfied with the stock recovered through our Stock Repurchase offer, which also remains open until the end of the day today. We’ve recovered about nine million shares from our early shareholders at 10 cents per share, with only $100,000 remaining for further re-purchases.

The investors who took advantage of our Offer had an average ROI of over 200%, receiving $3 for every $1 they invested. The Offer was very beneficial for TransparentBusiness as well, as we now have more equity for our fundraising. The higher price of our current round reflects the greatly increased chances of our success.

Round 3d has been successfully completed