Ending GPO TransparentBusiness

As we are ending our Global Private Offering at June 30, we’ve received many related questions and our CEO & Founder Alex Konanykhin took time to record a detailed video discussion related to the most common questions:

  • What is the reason for ending your Global Private Offering (GPO)?
  • Has your GPO been successful?
  • Is it a burden to have thousands of investors?
  • Why did your GPO attract so much media attention?
  • At which valuation did TransparentBusiness raise funds during the GPO?
  • Have any investors “cashed out”?
  • What’s your target valuation?
  • Are you going to be raising additional funds?
  • How does the Unicorn Hunters project fit into the overall strategy of TransparentBusiness?
  • Why is it an important part of your business strategy?
  • Is it similar to a venture capital business?
  • Does Unicorn Hunters increase your capital needs?
  • Will the Unicorns project help you grow your SaaS business?
  • What kind of distribution do you expect for the show?
  • How is it performing now?
  • When do you plan on going public?
  • Do you plan to be listed on NASDAQ or NYSE?