Video: answering the most common questions related to Unicoin

We are receiving many questions related to our Unicoin project and our CEO & Founder Alex Konanykhin recorded a video discussion in which he answers these common questions:

1. Why shall investors consider purchasing Unicoin?
2. What is the nature of the market opportunity you are pursuing?
3. Is it realistic for Unicoin to compete with Bitcoin?
4. Is Unicoin competing with fiat currencies as well, such as the U.S. dollar?
5. Many investors are curious about cryptocurrencies but hesitate to invest in them. How do you plan to overcome their resistance?
6. Cryptocurrencies have exceeded the combined valuation of $3T. What fueled this growth?
7. Do you consider the current stage of the crypto market to be “early adoption”?
8. If you succeed, what would be the price of unicoin?
9. How long will the current 10¢/ú round last?
10. What other rounds have been planned for this year?
11. When do you plan to make Unicoin tradable?
12. Who can currently purchase unicoins?