Unicorn Hunters in Forbes again

We are pleased to share with you that Forbes magazine again reported about our progress.

The new article, about our Unicorn Hunters show, appeared in its Central American edition, in Spanish. The translation is posted below.

Unicorn Hunters in Forbes again

(click here, if you’d like to see the rest of the article in Spanish.)


Unicorn Hunters, a Business Series for Experts and Beginners

The series will feature Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, Alex Konanykhin, CEO of TransparentBusiness and Rosa Gumataotao, former Treasurer of the United States.

Within the framework of the International Unicorn Day, the TransparentBusiness company announced the date for the premiere of Unicorn Hunters, a series of businesses that aims to democratize investment. On May 10, 2021, the first episode of the reality show will be accessible, which will be directed by Craig Plestis from Smart Dog Media.

Through a statement, the company's co-founder and President, Silvina Moschini, declared that the production "is ready to challenge the most popular shows." In it you can see how private businesses develop in their feat to become unicorns valued in billions of dollars.

It is intended to blend the entertainment in unison in which “emerging consumers” are given an opportunity to support investment decisions that were evaluated by the Initial Public Offering (IPO).

In turn, Unicorn Hunters will bring together a group of seven experts, which will make up the Circle of Money. They will evaluate the proposals and determine if an investment is suitable for someone to bet it all. In order to access the “beginning investors” club, you must have an average investment capital of $1,000.

Alex Konanykhin, CEO of TransparentBusiness explained: “We will show viewers how to transparently access select pre-IPO investment opportunities, which in the past were only available from venture capital funds and investment banks.”

To demonstrate the effectiveness of these actions, he exemplified the case of Amazon, whose franchise increased its value by 30[million]% thanks to individual investors. In addition, there are only 600 unicorns around the globe, multi-million dollar startups that innovate through new technology, which shows a field that can be expanded with the vision of entrepreneurs.

On his part, Craigh Plestis, recognized for his participation in television shows such as The Masked Singer, The Masked Dancer and Celebrity Show Off, assured that Unicorn Hunters will allow him to do something different. "My career is based on taking risks, thinking outside the box and in an innovative way," he said.

The series will feature the participation of Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, Alex Konanykhin, CEO of TransparentBusiness, Silvana Moschini, president of the company, Rosa Gumataotao, former US Treasurer, among other recognized figures in the field of economics and business.

Don't miss the first episode of Unicorn Hunters, which will air on Amazon Prime, LinkedIn Broadcast, Facebook Video, YouTube, and Vimeo on May 10. For more information see the unicornhunters.com page.