Unicoin - the meltdown of asset-less cryptocurrencies

The current meltdown of the crypto market resembles the Dot-Com Implosion of the year 2000. That implosion annihilated most of the dot-com companies, including some giants, but it did not put the end to the Internet. Far from it, the Internet economy had since grown manyfold, generating billions of dollars for investors in viable Internet businesses.

Just like the Dot-Com Implosion replaced the market leaders, the current Crypto Meltdown will do the same. Doggy coins, launched as jokes, are likely to be replaced by cryptocurrencies backed by valuable and growing assets which generate dividends to their holders. We are working on making sure that our Unicoin remains the leader of this epochal change.

The combined valuation of cryptocurrencies is expected to grow to over $30T, a 3,000% growth from its current level of $1T, as blockchain technology is superior to the preceding fintech technologies but Dogecoin and Shiba Inu coins are likely to go the way of MySpace.

Here's the just-published report on the state of the cryptocurrency market, based, in part, on the interview with Moe Vela, our Director:

(an excerpt)

Unicoin - the meltdown of asset-less cryptocurrencies