Unicoin - Crypto Market Bottomed Out?

On June 27th, we shared our opinion (posted below) that the crypto market seemed to have stabilized and “has nowhere to go but up”.

So far, our prediction holds true: Bitcoin has since grown in value from $19K to $22.5K. Many smart investors appear to be "buying it low" now to "sell high" on the upswing, as discussed in the first episode of our Crypto Market Today news program.

If the previous cycle were to repeat itself, Bitcoin would grow about 300% within the next four years. While it'd mean high returns for those who invest in Bitcoin now, I remain convinced that Unicoin represents a much better investment opportunity, with growth potential as high as 40,000%. I discussed it all in detail in the third episode of Crypto Market Today.

Obviously, risks exist in every investment, and success is never assured: I'm just sharing with you my opinion on the current state of the crypto market.