Unicoin - Cris Carter

Influencer Marketing is an important part of our efforts to turn our Unicoin into a major crypto brand. Today, I'm pleased to announce our first Global Ambassador. Here's the text of the related press release:

Cris Carter, Former NFL Football Pro, and Hall of Famer, Joins Unicoin as its Global Ambassador

Unicoin, the next-generation, dividend-paying cryptocurrency designed to bring stability to the highly volatile cryptocurrency market, announced today that Cris Carter, a former NFL football pro and Hall of Famer, will be the brand’s Global Ambassador. Cris will help to communicate the benefits of the equity-backed cryptocurrency to the global audience.

“The current meltdown of Bitcoin provides Unicoin with an opportunity to become a leading cryptocurrency and we are thrilled to welcome Cris to our team,” said Alex Konanykhin, CEO of Unicoin. “Cris is a sports legend, savvy entrepreneur, and experienced broadcaster whose voice will be instrumental to telling our story and disrupting the crypto market.”

“Cryptocurrency has proven that it’s here to stay and that it will be an important part of our future. Unicoin is doing something very unique and as a crypto enthusiast, I’m excited to join the Unicoin team,” said Cris Carter.

In the role of Global Ambassador, Cris will be the voice of Unicoin helping to communicate the benefits of Unicoin as a next-generation cryptocurrency that pays dividends and is backed by equity in emerging growth companies. It was designed to alleviate high volatility, the major problem of traditional tokens, and to offer Unicoin holders protection from inflation. Additionally, Unicoin is the only cryptocurrency that was specifically designed to fund high-growth startups through its Global Innovation Fund, which will include equity positions in the numerous emerging growth companies that apply for participation in the Unicorn Hunters show.

Unicoin is the official coin of the Unicorn Hunters show, described by Forbes magazine as “the most iconic business series of recent times”, and it has received significant recognition from several renowned personalities, including Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and Rosie Rios, former Treasurer of the United States, who joined Unicoin’s Board of Directors early this year.

“Unicoin is really opening up the world of startup investment to the masses and isn’t just based on words and talks, but instead on the outcome of investments,” said Wozniak in an interview with Insider.com.

Unicoins are now available for purchase at Unicoin.com at 10 cents per coin, its lowest public pricing. U.S. and Canadian residents must be “accredited investors,” in order to purchase unicoins. Unicoin is expected to be tokenized and listed on major crypto exchanges in early 2023 after developing high brand value, global awareness of its benefits, and a strong equity portfolio.

For more information visit: https://unicornhunters.com/criscarter/

Unicoin - Cris Carter