Unicoin and NFL star Rod Woodson

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NFL Hall of Famer Rod Woodson Joins Unicoin’s Brand Ambassador Team

SAN FRANCISCO, CA- May 27, 2022 - Unicoin, the next-generation, dividend-paying cryptocurrency designed to bring stability to the highly volatile cryptocurrency market, announced today that former NFL player and Super Bowl XXXV champion Rod Woodson has joined the company’s global ambassador team alongside Cris Carter and other soon-to-be-announced Hall of Famers and sports legends.

“Rod made history as one of the best defensive players on the field. Now, he is helping us change the crypto game with a coin that is backed by assets and protects its holders from the meltdowns like the ones traditional coins are experiencing,” said Alex Konanykhin, CEO of Unicoin. "We are excited to have Rod on the Unicoin team as we tackle our mission of becoming a leading cryptocurrency.”

“As a player and a coach, I know how to win. I believe Unicoin has what it takes to win in the crypto space because its holders are investing in real companies and will be able to collect dividends when these companies make a profit,” said Rod Woodson. “Unicoin has a solid competitive advantage, and I am thrilled to be a part of the team.”

Unicoin was launched earlier this year to alleviate high volatility, the major problem of traditional tokens, and to offer its holders protection from inflation. It is a next-generation coin that will provide holders with a diversified portfolio of equity positions in the numerous emerging growth companies that are part of the Unicorn Hunters platform. This differentiation is especially relevant in today’s cryptocurrency market, which has experienced an unprecedented downturn.

Unicoin is the official coin of the Unicorn Hunters show, described by Forbes magazine as "the most iconic business series of recent times," and it has received significant recognition from several renowned personalities, including Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and Rosie Rios, former Treasurer of the United States, who joined Unicoin's Board of Directors early this year.

Unicoins are now available for purchase at Unicoin.com at 10 cents per coin, its lowest public pricing. U.S. and Canadian residents must be "accredited investors," in order to purchase Unicoins. Unicoin is expected to be tokenized and listed on major crypto exchanges in early 2023 after developing high brand value, global awareness of its benefits, and a strong equity portfolio.

For more information visit: https://lk.unicoin.com/rodwoodson1

Unicoin and NFL star Rod Woodson