TransparentBusiness Joins the White House Call-to-action for Private Sector Engagement on the Global Refugee Crisis
Engagement on the Global Refugee Crisis
Sept 20, 2016

(September 20, 2016, New York NY) Today, President Obama will host the Leaders' Summit on Refugees in the wake of the UN General Assembly, where he will present the White House call-to-action for private sector engagement on the global refugee crisis.

TransparentBusiness Joins the White House Call-to-action for Private Sector Engagement on the Global Refugee Crisis.

There are more than 65 million displaced people in the world today, the highest number on record since the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) began collecting statistics. More than 21 million of these people have crossed international borders in search of safety and are registered as refugees. The despair that drives these people to flee their homes is heartbreaking, but their resilience is awe inspiring. Refugees are a valuable untapped resource and, if given the opportunity, can thrive and contribute wherever they reside.

A crisis of this scale, however, requires more than government action. For this reason TransparentBusiness is proud to join with President Obama in to draw on our unique expertise, resources and entrepreneurial spirit to help refugees regain control over their lives and integrate into their new communities.

TransparentBusiness has committed to this Initiative one million dollars worth of technology for providing refugees with remote employment opportunities.

"TransparentBusiness helps participating corporations to hire qualified refugees regardless of their location, to monitor, coordinate and pay their work with ease, thus creating many additional employment opportunities to refugees." said Silvina Moschini, President of TransparentBusiness.

Designated by Citigroup as the "Top People Management Solution", platform allows for easy monitoring and coordination of geographically distributed workforce and provides real-time information on the cost and status of all tasks and projects.

Other contributors to the Initiative include Accenture, Airbnb, Citigroup, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Google, HP, IBM, IKEA, Johnson&Johnson, LinkedIn, MasterCard, Microsoft, Pearson, SAP, Twitter, Uber, UPS and Western Union.

For additional information, contact: Maricruz Tabbia at (415) 483-7975 or [email protected]