TransparentBusiness and Yandiki join forces with Facebook
TransparentBusiness and Yandiki join forces with Facebook
TransparentBusiness / Press-release
New York, NY, May 20, 2015

TransparentBusiness, the platform that facilitates agile access and management of the connected workforce and Yandiki, a company specializing in providing cloud-based creative talent on-demand, were selected by Facebook as partners for, a global community of mobile developers. In its first year, FbStart distributed benefits worth more than $100 million to more than 3,800 startups, helping many of these companies grow their businesses worldwide.

"The FbStart program allows us to offer tech startups the opportunity to transform their organizations exponentially, making them more efficient, agile and transparent and we are grateful to Facebook for this opportunity to support the big disruptors of tomorrow”, said Silvina Moschini, Co-Founder and CEO of Yandiki and TransparentBusiness.

“At Yandiki we facilitate recruitment of talent in the cloud and on-demand, offering premium and qualified creative industry professionals, including graphic designers, writers, translators, publishers, web developers, among others. We will provide FbStart startups with access to the global pool of talent." said Marcelo Altamura Co-Founder and CSO of Yandiki. provides a comprehensive workforce management solution for distributed workforce. TransparentBusiness´ desktop application is available in the Apple App Store and is in use by thousands of companies in over a hundred countries.