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We are pleased to share with you that we’ve signed a Strategic Alliance agreement with the Agency of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Colombia.

As we are scaling up our Unicorn Hunters show into the most-watched and the most impactful business show, we plan to partner up with more countries and states.

Here’s a fragment of the report from the Agency's website:

TransparentBusiness & Colombia

Translation to English:

iNNpulsa Colombia and Unicorns Hunters Join Forces to Promote Colombian Entrepreneurship
July 08, 2021 - 3:54 pm
Photo: Courtesy of Unicorn Hunters

The entrepreneurship and innovation agency of the Government of Colombia and Unicorn Hunters signed a strategic alliance for Colombian companies with high potential to access greater capital and break through in international markets.

Bogotá, July 2021.- Unicorn Hunters - the new series that seeks to change the dynamics of the market and encourage high-potential companies to reach a valuation of one billion dollars and become "unicorns" - and iNNpulsa Colombia -the agency of entrepreneurship and innovation of the Government of Colombia - come together to build bridges and open access so that Colombian enterprises can raise capital and make themselves known in international markets.

“At iNNpulsa Colombia we are focused on making visible and enhancing the talent and creativity of Colombians to innovate. Alliances like this allow us to open a window for our entrepreneurs to be known outside our borders and achieve the investments they require to grow their businesses, ”said Ignacio Gaitán, president of iNNpulsa Colombia.

The new corporate reality show creates a genre called Enrichtainment that combines entertainment with the opportunity to invest and make a profit. The show seeks to democratize the possibility of investing in companies with high growth potential before making their debut on the stock market and, at the same time, provides the opportunity for companies and entrepreneurs to access capital in an innovative way.

This is how Unicorn Hunters and iNNpulsa Colombia seek the next billion dollar company. In this process, the Colombian founders will have the opportunity to show their talent to the world with the goal of achieving unicorn status.

“We are not only going after the search for the next unicorns, but we want to create a range of possibilities for companies with innovative projects that solve humanity's problems through technology and that cannot see the light of day due to lack of access to investment, can make their way into the world, ”said Silvina Moschini, Executive Producer of Unicorn Hunters and CEO of SheWorks!. "Unicorns are not born, but are made with great entrepreneurs, fantastic businesses and access to capital and resources, and that is why I celebrate this strategic alliance that will give opportunities to the enormous Colombian talent to scale their projects internationally," said the executive .

The show features a panel representing the "Circle of Money," which includes Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder), Silvina Moschini (CEO of SheWorks!), Alex Konanykhin (CEO of TransparentBusiness), Lance Bass (singer, actor, producer and investor), Rosie Rios (former Treasurer of the United States), John Bercow (former Speaker of the House of Commons in the United Kingdom) and Moe Vela (lawyer, author, businessman and former Director of Administration of Joe Biden), renowned figures They will evaluate the presentations of the selected companies and through questions will help the public decide whether or not they want to make their investment.

New episodes of Unicorn Hunters air every two weeks on Monday at 10:00 a.m. EDT at with parallel distribution across multiple online channels, including LinkedIn Broadcast, Facebook Video, YouTube, and Vimeo. The series is funded by TransparentBusiness and produced by Smart Dog Media (The Masked Singer, The Masked Dancer, Celebrity Show Off) from reality TV icon Craig Plestis.

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