The Transparency Resolutions of the Summit of the Americas
The Transparency Resolutions of the Summit of the Americas.
April 16, 2018

Transparency in public procurement has become a key international imperative, which creates major growth opportunities for TransparentBusiness and facilitates our work with state and national governments.

Silvina Moschini, the President and co-founder of TransparentBusiness is participating in the Summit of the Americas, where the heads of state signed the "DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE AGAINST CORRUPTION” Commitment which includes the following transparency provisions:

  • D. Prevention of Corruption in Public Works and Public Procurement and Contracting
  • 27. Promoting the use of digital systems for government procurement and contracting of services and public works, to ensure disclosure, transparency, citizen oversight, and effective accountability.
  • 28. Implementing intergovernmental mechanisms to monitor specific projects at the request of the State that will be implementing them, in keeping with its legal framework, in order to ensure transparency and build trust.
  • 29. Promoting the inclusion of anti-corruption clauses in all state and public-private-partnership contracts and establishing registers of natural and legal persons involved in acts of corruption and money laundering with a view to ensuring that they are not contracted.
  • 30. Requesting that the Joint Summit Working Group (JSWG), together with other relevant regional and international bodies, develop an infrastructure platform to facilitate the exchange of experiences, training and cooperation programs for project monitoring and development, feasibility and risk analysis studies, transparent bidding procedures, and government procurement.
  • 31. Fostering transparency in the management of infrastructure and public resources allocated to ensure resilience to disaster, including the aforementioned infrastructure platform, in order to improve the response to emergencies and prevention, mitigation, recovery and reconstruction projects, and, to that end, promoting coordination through the Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas.