TransparentBusiness in Forbes

We are pleased to share with you that Forbes has yet again reported on TransparentBusiness and our unicorn status.

This time the report ran in Forbes Mexico and is related to the efforts of Silvina Moschini, a co-founder, Chairwoman and President of TransparentBusiness, to use our technology to reduce the economic gender gap.

The English translation can be found below.

TransparentBusiness in Forbes

Intuic, Communication to Promote Female Talent in Leadership Positions

The startup was founded by Silvina Moschini, President of TransparentBusiness, the first 'pink unicorn' in Latin America.

Intuic, a startup that offers managed digital communication, public relations and marketing services, seeks to put female talent found in more than 75 countries at the center.

“It is time for us to normalize seeing successful women occupying leadership positions. The pandemic showed us that those who best led the crisis worldwide were women who broke through with an empathic, inclusive leadership style based on emotional intelligence,“ said Silvina Moschini, CEO and founder of Intuic in an interview with Forbes Mexico.

Moschini is also president of TransparentBusiness, a company that created remote work management software that has achieved a unicorn capitalization of $1 billion, the first in Latin America led by a woman.

Currently, companies are led by 13% by women, 52% by men and 35% by mixed teams, according to data from the study Accelerators as Drivers of Gender Equality, prepared by Impact Hub San Francisco and the Center for Collaborative Leadership of INCAE.

Given this, Intuic aims to empower and give a voice to women, who in most cases abandon their professional careers because of gender roles, since they not only assume a formal or informal job, but also take care of children and unpaid domestic responsibilities.

"One of the principles is to take advantage of technology and be able to make work more flexible so that women who want to continue with their working lives can do so," added Laura Tabares, executive director of Intuic.

By 2025, gender equality would inject 12 trillion dollars into the world economy, which would boost Latin America, a region that has a gender labor gap of 26% less compared to men, according to a report from global consulting firm McKinsey.

The director of Intuic highlighted that by promoting the union between women leaders and strengthening the sense of community, a path is forged to close the wage and gender gap.