TransparentBusiness and the U.S. Elections

As for the overall impact of the Election on the U.S. economy and society, below you can find recent media interviews of Moe Vela, our Chief Transparency Officer.

TransparentBusiness and the U.S. Elections

Former Trump campaign official: 'I guess we haven't learned much from 2000'
FOX Business | 11/9/2020

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Joe Biden vows to unite nation in address as president-elect
Las Vegas Review-Journal | 11/7/2020

Moe Vela Tackles Multifamily Challenges at CPE-MHN Summit
Multi-Housing News | 11/6/2020

Moe Vela - How Do Polls Keep Getting Worse | To The Point
To The Point with Eric Mitchell | 11/5/2020

'Abysmally short': former Biden adviser on the missing blue wave
The Australian Financial Review | 11/5/2020

How President Trump won Florida vote by larger margin than 2016
WTVT-TV (Fox-Tampa, FL) | 11/5/2020

OZY | 11/5/2020

Nov. 4 Podcast Episode
Greatest Music of All Time | 11/4/2020

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Former White House Advisor Moe Vela with post-election analysis
KTLA-TV (CW-Los Angeles, CA) | 11/4/2020

Indian IT stocks are surging as the US Presidential election comes down to the wire
Business Insider India | 11/4/2020

"Disappointment" ex-Biden advisor reacts to 2020 results in fiery interview
The Sun | 11/4/2020

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US election 2020: live results as America elects Donald Trump or Joe Biden
The Australian | 11/4/2020

'I'm disgusted Trump is getting this many votes,' says ex-Biden adviser
Leading Britain’s Conversation (LBC) | 11/4/2020

US Elections: Can Biden win this race?
MONEY FM 89.3 | 11/3/2020

Donald Trump may have acknowledge 'impending doom' with one little word
The Today Show | 11/3/2020

If Joe Biden wins, he’ll be the third US president to deal with Modi — Here’s how that could play out
Business Insider India | 11/3/2020

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