Steve Wozniak

It’s hard to think of a better guest for our than Steve Wozniak.

He and Steve Jobs started Apple in a garage, with no funding and yet, last year, Apple became the most valuable company in the world.

On our show, we will be featuring companies that could make a strong case that they can also become category leaders.

Here’s what Steve Wozniak said about our project:

"Hi, Steve Wozniak here, and I’m delighted to present the Unicorns show and tell why it’s so important to me.

All my life, I wanted to see new ideas, to explore, to find out which products have what features, and all that.. It just drives me. It’s like some of us are born with the curiosity to kind of be more intelligent by learning things. That’s our way of learning the world, finding out what’s new. I wanted to be educated, look up answers when I was young.

Also, I want to see “the Next Apple” at the ground floor.

Every day I get asked about the future - where it’s headed; what technologies and what companies are on the path to the future, so it’s night to have some exposure to it. And you will get some of it here, on the Unicorns[.show].

Today’s startups are on that path. To entertain others by knowing about them, being smarter by knowing about them, is a big part of my life.

So, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!"

Steve Wozniak