Second Forbes article about TransparentBusiness
October 15, 2020

We are pleased to share with you the second Forbes article about TransparentBusiness becoming a unicorn this month.

The English translation is posted below.

Second Forbes article about TransparentBusiness


The Latina Behind a New Unicorn in the United States
Silvina Moschini is the co-founder and CEO of TransparentBusiness, the company that is planning to go public in the fourth quarter of 2021.

By Forbes staff.

The remote work management company TransparentBusiness, founded and chaired by Argentine businesswoman Silvina Moschini, has become a “unicorn” with a private valuation of $ 1 billion and plans to go public in the fourth quarter of 2021.

"The pandemic forced companies to understand that there was a digital way of doing work that was done in physical spaces," Moschini told Forbes. "When you think about managing remote teams, you have to figure out trust, collaboration, and accountability."

TransparentBusiness, which Moschini created in 2012, has grown with the “technological boom that caused the COVID-19 pandemic” in recent months and on Tuesday opened an investment round that takes it to a “de facto” valuation of $1 billion, placing it as a "unicorn" along with 488 other companies around the world.

Its SaaS platform (“Software as a Service”) uses Cloud technology to facilitate the management and coordination of geographically distributed work teams and joins other firms that have multiplied their market value during the pandemic such as the Zoom video calling app.

There are two directions, one is to discover talent in the Cloud or the other that is a remote work suite.

TransparentBusiness, which has a decentralized team of 50 people, is now "on its way" for a listing debut on the New York Stock Exchange in the fourth quarter of 2021, when it estimates it will be valued at $10 billion, as indicated by its founder, who highlighted the importance of this milestone for a company led by a woman.

“We take a different approach than the traditional approach because being a female founder, we know that only 2.2% of the venture capital goes to companies led by women. As they say in English, “We skirt the rules”, we bent the rules without breaking them and we made a private global offer ”, she revealed about her capital raising plan.

That global private offering raised more than $20 million and made the firm the "first pink unicorn to 'hack' the financing of 'venture capitalists' (risk investors) against the statistics", which estimate that only 0.4% of the funds in venture capital are destined to 'startups' led by Latin American women.

“Through this financing alternative, we were able to overcome the 'bias' (bias) of investment funds and also create an army of brand ambassadors that today are allowing us to reach very distant markets through the Internet and be able to carry our solution to the world more efficiently,” Moschini added.

The Argentine businesswoman, who leads TransparentBusiness together with CEO and co-founder Alex Konanykhin, pointed out that one of the keys to the business is “social impact”, which is why she donated software to the US, China and Latin America when the pandemic broke out and developed CloudWorking Academy, a program to help entrepreneurs.

TransparentBusiness allows you to hire talent through SheWorks!, a platform that connects professional women with job opportunities and that received the Equals In Tech award in 2019, with which the United Nations recognizes innovative projects focused on closing the gender gap through technology.