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We are pleased to share with you yet another sign that our Unicorn Hunters project is heading into the Major League:

People magazine published a large article about the show and Silvina Moschini, a co-founder, Chairwoman and President of our company.

It’s a big honor, as this magazine normally reports on top celebrities and the most notable shows and movies. With a readership of 36 million adultsPeople had the second-largest audience of any American magazine.


Are You Looking for Money to Start Your Own Business? Investor Silvina Moschini Explains How to Raise It.

The Argentine producer of Unicorn Hunters hopes to help thousands of Latinos in the United States become successful - and billionaires - entrepreneurs.

A job shortage and financial need triggered the creativity of Silvina Moschini, who in 2014 began offering remote work solutions. At the time, the world was not yet ready to work from anywhere in the world using technology, so her idea seemed a bit far-fetched at first. But the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 completely changed the employment landscape and the concept of it became a necessity.

Through SheWorks! —her training platform and help from her — Moschini has encouraged thousands of women to use their talents from the comfort of their home, without neglecting or neglecting their families."Moms make a huge effort to reconcile personal life and professional life, but also the younger girls were looking for a work model that could be more flexible," she explained to People en Español, about the concept of her platform . "When the pandemic hit, we had been doing this [remote work] and a great opportunity presented itself. They say that success happens when preparation meets opportunity. We came prepared, the pandemic made remote work normal, no a rarity, but a necessity to continue working. And I saw myself as an entrepreneur with a great opportunity, but also with a great challenge".

That challenge included raising the capital to harness the benefit of a market that already wanted to grow remote work solutions. Raising the funds would not be easy, as she knew that mutual funds were generally intended for Latino men and not women.

But Silvina's persistence and passion for helping Latina women in the workplace led her to think of solutions and seek the necessary resources through crowdfunding. "There is nothing that brings more opportunities than crises. Crises take you out of your comfort zone and make you think in a more creative way," she said.

Her creativity led her to raise $ 50 million from investors around the world, turning her company into a unicorn company, valued at $1 billion. "That taught us that we have to seek the way creatively, to find solutions that can solve problems when we find them, if the traditional way does not give you the solutions you need," she explained.

After that experience and being a faithful believer in creating a circle to improve the conditions of society in general, she has been willing to share - and repeat - her experience through the Unicorn Hunters program, to get more Latinos to convert business leaders.

"[The show] is inspired by my own story, by how I raised capital for my company, creating a show that is a kind of Shark Tank [the reality show for entrepreneurs], but instead of investing a little money four people in an entrepreneur , we allow millions of dollars to be invested in companies that have high potential to become billion dollar businesses, "he explained. "What we do is: we invest when we like the project, but the most important thing is that we give people, the audience, the opportunity to invest. We saw that with this we could democratize access to investment opportunities so that people normal, starting at a thousand dollars, have the opportunity to become a shareholder, hopefully the next [companies like] Apple. "

Accompanied by a panel of internationally renowned experts and investors including Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, Rosie Ríos, former US treasurer, and former NSYNC member Lance Bass, the executive producer leads the so-called "money circle", who intends to invest in the next billionaire (or billionaire) who can break down barriers around the world.

"I am just another entrepreneur. I had the opportunity to have thought differently, to be able to achieve different results. The system was not supporting women entrepreneurs, and diverse entrepreneurs, and we changed that," she said. "I truly believe that when you have opportunities in life, they come with that responsibility to pay it forward, to [give them back to the community] ... [We want to] give individual investors the opportunity to do so in our company. we give entrepreneurs the opportunity to have access to capital”.

To achieve success, Silvina assures that there are two important steps to follow: believe in yourself and change your mindset.

"That change in mentality is important, because if we continue to feel less, we will never make others see us [as] more," she said. "If I could do it, there are many other women who, if they have the will, the decision and the passion that leads you to this, they can achieve it. My job is now to be able to show how it is done and open the doors for them."

Do you think you have what it takes to become the next Steve Wozniak? Connect with the series is transmitted through its digital page

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