Mendoza Welcomes the President of TransparentBusiness.
Mendoza Welcomes the President of TransparentBusiness.
April 4, 2018

Posted by the Vice Governor of Mendoza: “I’m sharing with you the interview published by the OpenLegislation portal, with Silvina Moschini (@Miss_Internet), a successful entrepreneur who launched several innovative IT companies”.

"Mendoza can export talent and showcase it to the world".

Silvina Moschini, a successful Argentinean entrepreneur who launched several innovative technology companies, visited Mendoza.

Also known as Miss Internet, she has developed a distinguished career in the media world with her CNN program on technology, also reported in various publications. Silvia Moschini is the founder of TransparentBusiness, a recently launched startup with 2500 registered users worldwide. She worked in such companies as Compaq, VISA and Patagon, and created of SheWorks, a virtual platform that gives many women the power to achieve their economic independence by helping them find flexible remote work.

During his visit to Mendoza, she participated in the talks that took place at the Inter-American Development Bank and spoke with the Open Legislature News Portal. On the occasion Silvia said that "the future of work and the opportunities it brings about equality and the use of technologies are important, and we shall pay attention to how the labor market is changing”.

She also stressed that she tries to work with hope to set the conditions of equality for women, because one has to keep in mind that women represent half of the population. Half of the women when they have children leave their work because of lack of work flexibility, that is why I have made the mission of my life to bring technology so that women could work and not to have to choose between personal life and professional life".

Silvina said that this was precisely one of the reasons that brought her to Mendoza, so that Argentina, and in particular Mendoza, can export talent and show case it to the world. "I think we all have to be encouraged that, while we believe that we are not capable of technology, women in fact get more university degrees; so we have to embrace technology opportunities on the market. With SheWorks in Mendoza, we will surely work with the Legislature to develop the skills for such jobs”.

These projects not only target the training and development of women but also young people and seniors. "Mendoza has many opportunities to become en example of transparency and innovation in this perfect storm of innovation. This will help make sure that Mendoza is an international benchmark of innovation which implements transparent inclusion programs”.