LAUNCHED: Unicorn Hunters

The first episode of our show is now LIVE at

We expect the show to expedite our further growth.

We are pleased to report that EFE, the world's fourth-largest wire service (after the Associated PressReuters, and AFPpublished a multimedia report about the launch of our Unicorn Hunters  show.

Here’s the English translation of the text accompanying their video report:

"Unicorn Hunters", a Reality Show to Democratize Access to Investments
New York, May 10, 2021

Giving “regular folks" the opportunity to invest in the "next Facebook" and open the doors of capital to entrepreneurs who want to fix the world is the goal of "Unicorn Hunters", a new reality series that premieres this Monday in various "streaming" platforms.

"We can change the dynamics of the market and empower people, to empower entrepreneurs, to change the world," one of the program's hosts, Silvina Moschini, the only Latin American entrepreneur who founded a "unicorn" ( $1 billion startup before going public).

LAUNCHED: Unicorn Hunters
LAUNCHED: Unicorn Hunters