Influencer Marketing campaign

We are pleased to share with you a couple of examples of how our Influencer Marketing campaign works:

The host of the Lazyboycrypto YouTube channel has recorded the following video to promote and mine unicoins:

This video was recorded at no cash cost to us. Hundreds more influencers have signed up to promote our Unicoin; they may collectively earn up to 100M ú. You, too, can mine unicoins in the same fashion.

This YouTube influencer recorded a video that resulted in hundreds of new Unicoin holders from India, the country with the second-largest number of crypto trades worldwide:

Here are examples of some of our other branding campaigns and presentations of Unicoin on major events:

Influencer Marketing campaign
Influencer Marketing campaign

We are pleased to announce that Jason Felts, former CEO of Virgin Produced, has joined our Board of Directors.

Except for the two co-founders of the Company, all Directors are now offered a one-year tenure which may be extended only for the substantial contribution to the growth of the company.

Mr. Felts is very experienced in producing top-level TV content and may help us turn Unicorn Hunters into the most-watched business show in the world. He served as a judge in some of the most recent episodes of Unicorn Hunters.