July 9, 2020

Google has been a great client and partner of TransparentBusiness.

Lat year, they even included us, as one of only nine startups in the Americas, into Google Accelerator, writing to us that they “very impressed with [our] company and excited to partner with [TransparentBusiness] to help [us] scale and reach [our] long-term goals.”

Further, Google selected TransparentBusiness to build the Google Talent Exchange - a Marketplace of Experts in Google Cloud technology, to make them available for being hired remotely by companies around the world.

As much as we can, we try to give back. To this end, Silvina serves on the Google Women Launchpad Accelerator Steering Committee and as a Mentor of Google’s AI for Impact Challenge.

She is working with the Google Certification Team to train young IT students in Ecuador in Google Cloud Tech via

And tomorrow, she will be a speaker at the Google for Startups event.

Consider register at .