Global Banking & Finance Review reports on TransparentBusiness advertising campaing
Bitcoin’s Collapse is the Theme of TransparentBusiness’ Advertising Campaign
Global Banking & Finance
June 23, 2018

TransparentBusiness launched this week a new advertising campaign focusing on the collapse of Bitcoin. A large ad features a gold bitcoin engulfed in flames and the text “Investments in Bitcoin can flame out real fast.”

The ad brings into focus the recent implosion of the world’s most famous crypto-currency. In 2017, Bitcoin rose almost 2,000 percent, before starting its precipitous slide in mid-December. By this week, it’s lost two thirds of its peak value, causing massive financial losses to many investors. The Justice Department has recently launched a criminal investigation into illegal trading practices to manipulate the price of Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin caused a new Gold Rush, but failed to become a reliable investment,” said Alex Konanykhin, CEO of TransparentBusiness. “The good news is that the tech industry provides for safer and much more profitable opportunities, with the return on investment occasionally topping one million percent. We enumerate reasons to believe that TransparentBusiness has the potential of providing a 90,000% return on investment. We seek to inform accredited investors of the risks and opportunities related to TransparentBusiness, now that many of them are searching for better alternatives to investing in cryptocurrencies."

The advertising campaign is designed to facilitate a $25M round of financing conducted by TransparentBusiness under SEC Rule 506c which allows for “general advertising and broad solicitation” of an investment opportunity but limits the opportunity to so-called “accredited investors” which include individuals with net worth over one millions dollars or annual income over $200,000.

“Our objective is to achieve dominance in the category of business transparency,” explains Alex Konanykhin “and our market is enormous, as any type of computer-based work may be monitored and coordinated using TransparentBusiness.”

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