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By Angel Garcia
May 22, 2021 @ 9:53 am

Unicorn Hunters: The Business Show Seeks the Next $1 Billion Entrepreneur
Challenging business programs, this production seeks out the next unicorn through its concept. Lear about it, you can be the next investor in these projects!

'Unicorn Hunters' challenges existing business programs. The latest show seeks, through a select group of experts, to reach out to the best growing startups to achieve their $1 billion “unicorn” valuation while receiving help from individual investors around the world to fund their projects.

Just one episode aired from the first season, 'Unicorn Hunters', creates its own conversation forging a new genre for audiences, which it calls "enrichtainment," a format that fuses entertainment with the potential for viewers to join. to the cause by supporting some of the projects presented.

Six renowned business figures will analyze each company in order to make the decision to invest in them or not.

The “Circle of Money", as this group is known, is made up of Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder), Alex Konanykhin (TransparentBusiness CEO), Lance Bass (singer, actor, producer and investor), Rosa Gumataotao Ríos (former Treasurer of the United States), Moe Vela (attorney, author, entrepreneur and former managing director of Joe Biden), as well as Silvina Moschini (co-founder and President of TransparentBusiness), among others.

To find out more details about this production, we spoke with Silvina Moschini, who, in addition to being part of the panel of experts, was also involved in the project as a producer.

For the first Latin American woman to have her company certified as a “unicorn”, the program will help new entrepreneurs find the capital to become a large company.


[CAPTION: The experts of ‘The Money Circle’ will analyze the companies to see if they are suitable for the valuation as “unicorn”]

"As entrepreneurs we know that you need money to carry out a business. Not only is it an expensive path but it takes you 90% of the time, basically you have to dedicate yourself to that instead of what you have to work ”. - Moschini.

The program seeks out entrepreneurs who have businesses with the potential to become billion dollar companies, which are referred to as "unicorns."

"The most important thing about this is that each of us makes a decision whether or not to invest from their perspective, but the most important thing is that we allow people on the other side of the screen to co-invest with us. It is democratizing the investment process ”. - Moschini.

This is perhaps the essential point that characterizes ‘Unicorn Hunters’ with other business programs. Viewers around the world have an opportunity that has never been presented to them before.

When asked about how to empower these new entrepreneurs, Silvina Moschini emphasized that there is no better way to do it than by allowing them access to capital. "When you are an entrepreneur, people want to give you advice, when in reality what you need is money."

How to stand out in the ambitious world of entrepreneurs? The expert recommends that to stand out it is necessary that they offer a real change to how things are done, added to characteristics that he points out with skills such as mental and physical strength, to be able to be prepared and thus be able to inspire other people to join, to invest in them.

"A good entrepreneur has to be good at communicating, have a storyteller of what is the reason and the history of his company, that is very valuable."

Share experiences.

Although she is now surrounded by important figures in the business world, where she is part of it, Silvina Moschini does not forget her roots by presenting herself as a normal girl from a small city in the province of Buenos Aires, in Argentina.

She remembers that she traveled a path that nobody taught her to become what she is today, one of the most important Latin American women where her company is considered a “unicorn”, so she hopes that her participation in the program is to contribute to other entrepreneurs.

“Once I learned, now I can help others do the same, because I led my company to become a unicorn raising capital from the people, from the masses. Now I have the privilege of doing something so that people have access to more opportunities and have a better life ”.

Grateful to the people who supported her in her early days, she now feels that responsibility to give it back to other people, so she decided to participate in 'Unicorn Hunters', who also has a platform to help entrepreneurs to do what she did, but easier.

Prioritize talent

Her participation in the program will be part-time, she assures. The businesswoman is attracted to talented entrepreneurs, regardless of the gender, because she assures that the talent does not depend on it, but above all to those entrepreneurs whose companies generate a positive impact on people and solve problems to improve current living conditions.

“I am going to support diverse entrepreneurs, but of course I would like to see more Latinos, more women and other members who represent our society to make it known that talent does not have age or gender. I will highlight talented people so that they have that opportunity to show what they are capable of.”

Next Monday the second episode debuts, she reminds.

The show, in addition to being funded by TransparentBusiness, also features the production of reality show icon Craig Plestis, who came up with an entertaining format that makes it more interesting.

[The article includes two Instagram postings of Silvina:]