Forbes: Unicorn Hunters is “the most iconic business series of recent times“

Forbes magazine reported about our Unicorn Hunters show again, this time in its Mexican edition, naming us "The most iconic business series of recent times”.


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By Jesus Santoyo
November 7, 2021 @ 12:30 pm
Unicorn Hunters: The business reality show with more than 14.5 million viewers in the world
The most iconic business series of recent times arrives with new episodes to give the opportunity to turn companies into Unicorns.

The Unicorn Hunters has become one of the most iconic business reality shows since the arrival of its first season last May on and its official online YouTube channel, where through a group of panelists, founders and special guests, known as The Circle of Money, they have managed to give a twist to the scene of the world of business series with the creation of enrichtainment, that genre that is tasked with knowing how to combine entertainment with the opportunity to invest and generate wealth.

The Unicorn Hunters arrived for days with a bet of 5 new episodes. “The Money Circle” in its first episodes had an audience of more than 14.5 million viewers around the world. Now the series is back to provide transparent access to outstanding investment opportunities ahead of its IPO and help founders looking to raise the capital needed to expand.

Silvina Moschini, President and Co-Founder of TransparentBusiness, CEO and Founder of SheWorks!, and Executive Producer of Unicorn Hunters shared exclusively for Forbes Life more about the new episodes and why you can't lose sight of them.

What are the news that the new episodes will bring and why can't we lose sight of them?

In the new Unicorn Hunters episodes we raise the stakes and will feature more diverse founders seeking to transform the world through technology, special guests with different points of view and options for investors to choose from globally. We will also have two new panelists: actor Chris Diamantopoulos, known for his role on the HBO series Silicon Valley, and John Berkow, former speaker of the UK House of Commons. There will also be special guests such as the entrepreneur and personality Bethenny Frankel and other surprises.

We want participants from around the world to have the opportunity to reach the coveted “unicorn” valuation mark of one billion dollars. We also seek that more and more people are encouraged to access selected pre-IPO investments that can potentially enrich them.

The first episodes of Unicorn Hunters were seen by more than 14.5 million viewers around the world, and this showed us that we are on the right track. The stories behind the ventures that will be seen in the new chapters will undoubtedly impact the audience, so I advise you not to miss them.

What companies will appear in the next chapters?

We will have innovative companies representing multi-billion dollar ideas from around the world, including the UK and Chile, and scaleups powered by global partners such as Microsoft and Corfo, the Chilean government agency in charge of supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness in the country. The first new episode is now available on, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Vimeo.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced in making Unicorn Hunters?

Unicorn Hunters comes to transform market dynamics and give people opportunities to invest and learn about the world of investing in an entertaining way. Whenever you seek to challenge the status quo, there is a period of transition. The first chapters were a test of this concept, now we are ready to become a "unicorn factory".

Our goal now is to reach an audience of 25 million per episode by the end of the year, become unicorn hunters, and open up a range of opportunities for people like you and me to become investors. That continues to be our biggest challenge.

How do you get a company to be part of the program?

We seek to showcase companies with the potential to become unicorns before they make their debut on the stock market, giving investment opportunities previously only available to institutional investors or on the Wall Street.

They can be of a technological or scientific basis from all industries, with a focus on companies with a social or environmental impact, that solve human problems, and contribute to the environment. Companies that use technology to improve the quality of life and protect nature for the next generations.

What requirements must those companies meet?

They should be looking for USD $ 20-50M in expansion capital.
They must be in a growth stage, focused on scaling sales.
They must have a clear proposal on how they will become unicorns, plans to generate high returns for investors and to launch a public offering in less.

Forbes: Unicorn Hunters is “the most iconic business series of recent times“
Forbes: Unicorn Hunters is “the most iconic business series of recent times“