Creating the most-watch business show in the world

Upon watching the Good Morning America report about Unicorn Hunters, some investors asked us, if the extensive media coverage and other promotional efforts translate in the audience increase for us.

And the answer is: YES, very much so.

We seem to be on the fast track to making Unicorn Hunters the most-watch business show in the world.

Currently, that title seems to belong to Shark Tank, with the average 5M views per episode. Well, our latest episode received 2.4M views in just one week, and that’s just our YouTube traffic! The total is well above 1M views, and our show is just two month old. To all companies participating in our show, we can now guarantee at least one million views.

We’ve also started to negotiate TV syndication deals and we expect the show to eventually exceed 25M viewers per episode. That shall enable us to facilitate fundraising rounds up to $250M, minting unicorns, financing innovation and providing millions of people with transparent access to select pre-IPO investment opportunities.

Creating the most-watch business show in the world