CNBC re: Unicoin

Major news media continues to report about our Unicoin! Two days ago, we shared with the Bloomberg report, yesterday - a Forbes article and today we are pleased to share with you a CNBC interview with Silvina Moschini, the co-founder, Chairwoman, and the President of our company (in Arabic; the translation is posted below.)

Host: Today, surely there is an obvious tension in the cryptocurrency markets, especially when we are witnessing stable cryptos falling below their USD-linked value, and even Bitcoin, which fell to 30K USD.

Obviously, the sentiment is weakened, but there are people who are advancing with new ventures and projects in this world, trying to link cryptocurrencies with other assets, which may also be companies, or having income through dividends. And other issues we'll talk about with Silvina Moschini, founder and president of Unicoin and Unicorn Hunters.

Host: Silvina ... Thank you for being with us today on CNBC Arabic...
Unicoin Hunters had a lot of followers, especially in the US, today we're also starting to hear about the Unicoin project.
Before talking about Unicoin, let me ask you first, what is happening today in cryptocurrency markets, especially with the sharp declines that we have witnessed recently and the current sentiments of the investors in those currencies?

Silvina: Thank you very much for the opportunity to be here with you. The cryptocurrency market has seen a lot of developments over the past 10 months. The important thing we did is to deal with the high volatility. So maybe this is something that makes us see the importance of future generations of cryptocurrencies, and how value can be created in this particular economy that was created by Bitcoin and other players, but this is a sector that has become more mature and there are a lot of opportunities to create value in it.

Host: Let's talk about Unicoin, how is it different from other cryptocurrencies? What will Unicoin offer to the investor?

Silvina: This currency is different in concept and of course, it is supported, we are stakeholders and we have created a new currency, to get access to capital for other entrepreneurs and also create value for investors..s So there is some volatility by creating a currency that has support and in this case..... (The Global Innovation Fund) and there are also a lot of engines and there are in the United States, and there are experts from different sectors who support this currency... So we are working to create something different with sustainable value and of course, this will allow others and a lot of people to invest, and also for those who don't have the opportunity to invest.

Host: Silvina, let me ask you... Today you are talking about Unicon. Is it a kind of equity of company or is it a Venture Capital, what are the dynamics of Unicoin?

Silvina: That's a very good question. This is a crypto asset which is also a digital asset, and it becomes a cryptocurrency as soon as we take this to the exchange, and most likely our goal is to get to the exchange next year. In the background, this cryptocurrency is a global innovation fund. So we create a fund that invests in different companies that have high growth, many of the companies that we evaluate and we choose from; are the ones involved in the Unicorn Hunters show project and that is in the US, but we're going to work with other innovation centers and we're working at the moment with an innovation center here in the Gulf to identify the companies that have The biggest opportunity is to be investing companies, allowing people to invest and these are the companies we welcome at Unicoin.
Host: During the past period, we had seen the global trend heading toward the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Is this something that we can witness with Unicoin?

Silvina: even three months after it started, where we just launched this project, and it was very successful. We use Unicoin as a payment method for about ten million dollars, and we recently launched a program with a lot of celebrities and famous singers who support the project.
And in the world of NFTs we can see a lot of NFTs that will take place in Unicoin, and we actually use a small group, it is close to the concept, this is a cryptocurrency that has a meaning that people can understand, it is not like mathematics and also demand and supply and there are a lot of operations we will do and we have Much optimism about it.

Host: Silvina ... When will we witness the Unicoin or the launch of the Unicoin in the exchanges, and is it possible for us to have a program in the Middle East?

Silvina: Well, we don't have a full answer, but our goal is to have Unicoin trading on the exchange in the second quarter of next year maybe in the first quarter of next year. Yes in fact we have discussions we are having with a lot of major players, not only to have Unicoin Hunters in the UAE, but to have a special version of Unicorn Hunters with entrepreneurs that are part of the region or even locally, we are very excited this is my second time here and I love here and I love the people here, and I love the skills and maybe I'll tell you more but I can't say more than that now.

Host: I want to hear your opinion about what happened with the global sell-off, that we have seen during the past sessions. The cryptocurrency has also been affected. What is the case with other risky assets, we previously had a view that cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin, may be a haven or hedge against inflation spikes, today so far we haven't seen this what is your opinion on this matter?

Silvina: I think there will be a lot of growth in Altcoins, because of all of that, regardless of the market and market maturity, and also attention will be towards the people we communicate with and give them suggestions, and of course, the value in currencies shrink because of inflation. Altcoins are those currencies with real value and create value, In our case, we keep in mind that Unicoin will start potentially creating value through growth and that apart from other currencies that are different which are backed by gold and are stable and they can't grow, so we think this is an excellent sign for us for people who are betting on other ventures, and support Innovation So we are happy to be in the world of cryptocurrency and also on entrepreneurship and innovation as well.

Host: Silvina Mosheed, President and Founder of Unicoin and Unicorn Hunters.
Thank you very much