Cisco and TransparentBusiness
July 13, 2020

One of the key elements of our strategy to make TransparentBusiness the main remote work management tool is partnerships with major tech corporations.

We are pleased to share with you that yesterday Cisco, the global technology leader, announced its partnership with TransparentBusiness for the purposes of bringing transparent, secure remote work solutions to Latin America:

Press Release

The deal includes the launch of the second season of CloudWorking Academy, the global academy for real leaders to manage virtual teams.

This joint effort will facilitate access to education and technology for effective remote work management through Cisco Webex.

July 7, 2020 - Cisco announces a collaboration agreement with TransparentBusiness, the verifiable management platform for distributed work teams, to bring education and technology to companies in Latin America and the Caribbean to manage remote work efficiently.

Remote work is part of the new normal of the corporate world: some analysts reveal that 8 out of 10 CFOs plan to keep at least 5% of their productive force in remote positions. In addition, Global Workplace Analytics reveals that 77% of workers want to continue working from home at least once a week once the pandemic has ended.

However, for the success of remote work policies, it is necessary to have technology that provides verification, security and collaboration for leaders and distributed teams.

In this context, Cisco and TransparentBusiness join forces to bring education and technology to help companies in Latin America and the Caribbean in the efficient implementation of remote work programs.

As a starting point, both companies collaborate for the launch on July 13 of the second season of CloudWorking Academy, the first global platform for real leaders to manage virtual work teams with technological tools and the best practices in the industry and that will have MasterClasses, live conversations with experts, support materials and access to an educational platform.

“At this unprecedented moment in the world and in our region, the key to the successful management of a work team is secure collaboration. We are proud to connect hospitals, governments, schools and communities in this new way of living and working. Digital acceleration through secure technology is what will keep us connected. And today's leaders need to adapt and help their teams thrive in this new normal. We are very pleased with this partnership,” says Jordi Botifoll, Senior Vice President of America and President of Cisco Latin America.

“We are very excited to be working with a leading remote work management company like Cisco to help companies transform their businesses to the new normal,” says Silvina Moschini, founder and president of TransparentBusiness.

In addition, part of this agreement is to offer a solution package for remote work management that includes Webex technology, Cisco's tool to manage simple and secure videoconferences, and TransparentBusiness, a turnkey solution for remote team management. with transparency and verification.

“During the pandemic many things changed, but undoubtedly one of the most relevant is the use of video calls to give continuity to our work environment. Since they grew exponentially, it is necessary that all security measures are taken to avoid jeopardizing the protection of user data. Cisco Webex is the key ally because it is a simple tool that allows working collaboratively and safely, "said Luz María Murguía, Marketing Director for Cisco Latin America.

For more information about Cisco Webex, go to

To sign up for the second season of the CloudWorking Academy program that will begin on July 13, visit the website.

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