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El Mercurio
June 24, 2020

We are pleased to share with you a recent article about our SheWorks! project from the main Chilean newspaper, with English translation:

[Captions: Silvina Moschini, the founder of SheWorks!, recommends that people take this stage of the pandemic to enhance their skills, especially in areas such as digital skills, marketing or e-commerce, which are most in-demand.]


Freelance Work Grows Stronger as the Result of the Pandemic.

Tasks on request, without bosses and without schedules, were already gaining relevance before this health crisis due to a generational issue. Now, for many, it is the possibility of reinventing themselves and generating crucial income in the face of this adverse scenario.


The OECD has recommended governments to reform their pension systems to ensure that the growing proportion of workers in temporary or part-time jobs can contribute enough during their working lives to receive an adequate income in retirement.

The coronavirus crisis has had an impact on the way people earn a living. At, the world largest gig job site, with 45 million users, the number of new registrations has increased in recent months. “We had about 10,000 signups a day, but in the midst of the pandemic we have 25,000 a day. The health crisis has not only highlighted teleworking, but has made people see freelance as an alternative to reinvent themselves and generate new income,” says Sebastián Siseles, international vice president of

Freelance work platforms - without a contract or fixed hours - have grown for a decade. Sites like, Workana, SheWorks! o Fiverr brings together companies or individuals that offer occasional and sporadic jobs with people who can do them from anywhere in the world.

Ronald Schloss (46) and Raymar Guzmán (37) use Workana, but each from a different side of the coin: Schloss has paid for Raymar's design services. “I have commissioned the development of sites and graphics. The key to receiving a good job is to specify your delivery deadlines and requirements very well. It is something that makes things easier,” says Schloss, consultant and owner of

Raymar Guzmán is Venezuelan and started his freelance jobs before arriving in Chile. “I have a stable job and I do this in my free time. Although the truth is that I earn more with my freelance work ”, says this graphic designer.

For him, the key to consolidating on these platforms is to meet deadlines. You have to be attentive to the projects that the clients publish to present a good proposal and with prices according to the market. And, the most important thing is to deliver quality work ”.

The prestigious Chilean scientist César Hidalgo uses Fiverr, a freelance work platform of Israeli origin that is popular for audiovisual or design work. “My experience has been positive. I mainly apply for voice over work for videos and presentations,” he says.

Meanwhile, Patrick Nixon (47) uses There he offers editing, translation or research work. “You have to create a good profile and choose among several filters which of them are suitable for what you do best. The first jobs are difficult to get out but once you are known everything becomes easier”, he says.

Most of these platforms work with a methodology in which they are guarantors of the relationship. “The one who offers the work sends the money, but it is withheld until the person receives the work accordingly. Any difference or dispute is subject to arbitration,” says Siseles.

“The jobs most offered on these platforms have to do with graphic design, programming, consulting and content generation. Although you can also find architects, geologists or legal advisers,” says Siseles.


SheWorks! it is a platform just for them.

“51% of women who leave their job do so due to lack of job flexibility. And it is absurd for qualified women to be out of the market because companies continue to work with models from the past in which office time is valued more than achieving objectives, ”says Silvina Moschini, CEO and founder of SheWorks!.

The platform connects talented women with large companies and universities with which they have agreements.

“Most platforms work with the auction model and compete for price with people from countries like Bangladesh, where the cost of living is lower. We get closer to a model that is a mix between and a head hunter. There is a prior curatorship to select talent. Companies are not looking for the best price, but for proven talent and a way to grow in an agile way, ”says Moschini, who adds that the price is set by artificial intelligence and is in line with the market.

For Claudio Sánchez, branch manager of the multinational Human Resources Randstad, this trend is not only due to a need for job seekers, but also for companies that are increasingly reluctant to hire for long periods of time and prefer services. by objectives.

“I think this is going to carry over into the pandemic. Many people are realizing that this form of work can be their main source of income or complement that of a permanent job,” concludes Siseles.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a call from the United Nations to governments, business and civil society to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all by 2030.