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Even though two weeks remain until the launch of our Unicorn Hunters  show, it’s already making headlines around the world.

Some of the recent articles have been uploaded to our News page and today Business Insider magazine in Mexico reported about our show as well - see a fragment plus the translation below.

This pre-launch media interest confirms our expectations that the Unicorn Hunters show would greatly increase our brand visibility and make our TransparentBusiness Group known to tens of millions investors worldwide.

The Apprentice propelled Trump to the presidency and Shark Tank made Mark Cuban and several of his fellow “sharks” famous. Through Unicorn Hunters, we expect to reach a wider audience than both of those shows combined as our enrichtainment business model is based on the membership fees and taking equity stakes as the primary sources of revenues, allowing us to undercut other shows on syndication fees.

In other words, we plan to develop a major brand at a profit, rather than having to spend billions of dollars on doing it, as normally required.

Business Insider - Mexico

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Silvina Moschini Goes in Search of the Next Unicorns with Unicorn Hunters - and is Joined by Former US Treasurer, Apple Co-founder, and Livingston CEO

By Fernanda Pintle
Business Insider Mexico

  • When a startup begins the adventure of entrepreneurship, one of the peaks in that journey is becoming a unicorn.
  • This is known to the president and founder of Transparent Business, Silvina Moschini, who decided to go hunting the next unicorns.
  • With the reality show called Unicorn Hunters, the businesswoman - along with the co-founder of Apple, the former United States treasurer - goes hunting.

When a startup begins the adventure of entrepreneurship, one of the peaks is to become a unicorn and for that objective an investment of 1,000 million dollars (million dollars) is needed.

Of course, saying it is easier than achieving it. For this reason, the founder and president of Transparent Business, Silvina Moschini, began the creation of a reality show that is in search of the next unicorns.

Unicorn Hunters, a Genre of Enrichtainment

Unicorn Hunters is the name that the show receives and that is within the genre of enrichtainment, which mixes entertainment with the potential to generate money.

Silvina explains the above, such as the democratization of investments, because the audience will be able to make investments before an IPO comes out.

"For me the issue of democratization, both access to capital for entrepreneurs and access to investment opportunities for ordinary people, people who want to put a little money in companies that may be the next Tesla or Amazon", Silvina said.

She says that early investments in a startup were not open to ordinary people "so you always heard that the rich got richer."

"My mission has always been to seek opportunities for women entrepreneurs, women in the labor market to hack into the challenges that arise, such as access to capital," said Silvina.

The program will also be accompanied by an investment club that aims to teach people how to enter the world of investments and capital.

The Money Circle That Will Bet on the New Unicorns

The judges or the "Circle of Money" within the show include Silvina, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak; Alex Konanykhin, CEO of Transparent Business; Lance Bass, singer and investor; Rosa Gumataotao, former US Treasurer; Moe Vela, former managing director of Joe Biden, and Scott Livingston, CEO of Livingston.

"A very beautiful chemistry was generated between all the panelists of the Circle because without raising it, or looking for it, we showed our personality and each one played a role," she added.

The startups that can be seen at the show range from fintech to biotechnology, as well as startups with solutions for the environment and others dedicated to artificial intelligence.

In this first season you will be able to see six companies, starting on May 10.