Bloomberg report on Unicoin vs. Bitcoin

As the result of our participation in major business events in the Middle East, Bloomberg broadcast the report on Unicoin vs. Bitcoin, in Arabic:

The analyst said the following regarding Unicoin:

".. Bitcoin is known for its volatility .. and this is why investors like Warren Buffett don’t like Bitcoin. He says Bitcoin is extremely volatile and it is not backed by anything, right. And it doesn’t represent anything. But, at the same time, people like Warren Buffet understand traditional stock and businesses, they understand how dividend works, assets that are backed by some other assets.
Now, there are other alternative projects/investment opportunities that aren’t volatile like Bitcoin for instance Unicoin, an equity-based, dividend-paying cryptocurrency designed to suppress volatility. "

"... countries have started to accept bitcoin as a legal tender like El Salvador, in addition, companies have started to buy bitcoin in their treasury system. All of this, adoption, makes things even easier for projects like this [Unicoin]."

"... We don’t know when the next rally will come and whenever it will come, it takes out the previous all-time high and we are not going to look back again. So regardless of if the Fed is hawkish or dovish, the current prices represent an opportunity for Bitcoin and for less volatile projects (Unicoin)."