Argentina - La Nacion
Ariel Escalante
June 22, 2020

We are pleased to inform you that TransparentBusiness and its subsidiaries continue to get media attention internationally.

As a new example La Nacion, one of the most-read newspapers in Argentina, included SheWorks! project of TransparentBusiness in their review of the Future of Work:

Argentina - La Nacion
Argentina - La Nacion page 2


The Future of Work. Advanced Freelancing is Here to Stay

We are standing in quicksand and we feel trapped. We don't feel safe at work. Technology advances too fast. We care about staying relevant, we need and make the space to really have a life too. "While any analysis of the post-COVID-19 world of work seems like, this excerpt belongs to "Gig Mindset. Reclaim Your Time, Reinvent Your Career, and Ride the Next Way of Disruption", a book that was finished writing in 2019 and that discusses the impact on the work of the so-called "gig economy." In fact, its author, Paul Estes -ex Dell, Microsoft and Amazon-, is a constant evangelizer of a new mentality aligned with the "concert" revolution.

Conceptually, the “contract economy" - with the "uberization" of services as its axis - refers to the digital, remote, demand and independent labor economy, where the Internet plays a fundamental role as an articulating market to satisfy these needs.

"If you want radical agility in the workforce, the answer is the contractual mindset. We have learned that technology can make freelancing a powerful and modern way that works for most companies. We are at the beginning of this trip,” Estes said a year ago to Forbes. ...

In 2016, for instance, SheWorks! offered a Cloud-based female talent marketplace that connects professional women with job opportunities for companies everywhere.

"Half of these women have had to leave their jobs when they became mothers and telework gave them back the possibility of combining their work tasks with their personal lives. Currently we have 20,000 women from 93 countries who have from their homes for companies such as Pepsico, Mastercard and Google, among others,” explains Silvina Moschini, CEO and founder.

Photo: Silvana Moschini (SheWorks!).