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В этом практическом руководстве есть вся информация, которая может понадобиться Вам и Вашей команде, чтобы максимально использовать преимущества TransparentBusiness. TransparentBusiness – это решение полного цикла для управления проектами, которое поможет организовать работу всего персонала на качественно новом уровне.
Download the Timer
The TransparentBusiness Timer is a desktop application that you must download to your computer. You will use the timer to register your worked time. We have versions available for MAC, Windows and Linux.
The Timer application will take screenshots of your desktop every three minutes and count the number of keyboard and mouse interactions during this period. The screenshots will create a time registry used to bill your client.
To download the Timer, open the menu next to your profile picture by clicking on the drop-down button. Select ‘Download Timer’ option from the menu.
You will then be taken to the download page where you can select the version of the Timer that is compatible with your computer's operating system.
You can download the Timer to as many computers as you like.
The Installation wizard will help you install the application; just follow the steps and once it's done, the TransparentBusiness icon will appear on your desktop. When you are ready to work and need to register your worked time, look for the TransparentBusiness Timer icon, click on it and launch the Timer.
Enter your email and the password used when you created your profile.
You will see all the accounts and tasks that have been assigned to you. Use the dropdown menu to select the correct client.
Make sure you select a task correctly. The task must be highlighted in blue and a black checkmark should appear in the box next to it.
Once you’ve correctly made your selection, click “Start” button. You will see the white light turn green, and the timer icon in the lower bar of your desktop will also turn green.
Insider's Tip:
Use the Timer to work in blocks, concentrating on one task at a time. This technique will assist you in avoiding working “half-way” or jumping from one task to another, which lowers your concentration and efficiency.