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В этом практическом руководстве есть вся информация, которая может понадобиться Вам и Вашей команде, чтобы максимально использовать преимущества TransparentBusiness. TransparentBusiness – это решение полного цикла для управления проектами, которое поможет организовать работу всего персонала на качественно новом уровне.
The Timesheet and How to Use It
The Timesheet displays all the accumulated hours registered by each and every one of your team members. Each date shows you the total amount of hours worked, whether they were logged in automatically using the Timer or added manually.
This report allows you to see the total amount of hours registered by all your team members for all projects, or for just a single one and for a given time period. This information will help you manage your budget and forecast your costs more efficiently.
The set of filters at the top will help you play around with the information available.
You will be able to:
  • See the hours logged automatically using the Timer application, by selecting “Tracked Time”.
  • See the hours added manually, by selecting “Manual Time”.
  • See only the hours accumulated by workers on a particular project, or those labelled with a particular tag.
  • See the USD equivalent according to the hourly rates of your collaborators.
  • See the time period you want by selecting the start and end dates.
You can also download the timesheet as a file in CSV format, which can then be imported into Excel.