Добро пожаловать в Гид по TransparentBusiness!

В этом практическом руководстве есть вся информация, которая может понадобиться Вам и Вашей команде, чтобы максимально использовать преимущества TransparentBusiness. TransparentBusiness – это решение полного цикла для управления проектами, которое поможет организовать работу всего персонала на качественно новом уровне.
Your Private Talent Cloud in TransparentBusiness
TransparentBusiness will help you create your virtual office, right in the Cloud. You can invite your colleagues to join TransparentBusiness to work with you or jointly supervise work. You can also invite your favorite freelancers and remote contractors to always have them at your reach, and keep an accurate record of the projects they complete for you.
To get new freelancers on board, you just need to send them an invitation via the platform. So, go to the Team Room, click on “Add a Team Member” button and type in the email addresses of individuals you wish to invite.
To ensure your colleagues’ accounts are created right into your company's domain in TransparentBusiness, make sure they register through the invitation received from you by email.
All potential team members that have been invited to your account and have not accepted your invitation, will appear in the Team Room with a yellow clock and no profile picture.
Should you have many collaborators in your Team Room, we have added a filter to help you find the person you are looking for, based not only on their expertise and skills but also according to the projects on which they’ve worked.
You can then change the role a team member has within your Team Room to ensure each one has access to the information they need. A TransparentBusiness user can have one of these three roles:
  • Contractor:A worker in the classical sense. They can be assigned tasks within a project, but have no control over the management of the projects. They can view, re-assign, and delete their own screenshots that were automatically captured using the Timer.
  • Manager:A manager has permission to create, edit, and delete projects. They can also see other people's work. This type or role is intended for a Project Manager.
  • Administrator:Has full control over the account and therefore can create, edit, and delete projects. As an administrator, you can also see the screenshots of all the people who register their work under the account. You will also receive invoices and have access to account funds.
To see a team member’s role, enter the Team Room and view their profile card.
To change a team member’s role, simply click the dropdown menu and “Change Role”.
Deleted Users from the Team Room are not permanently deleted. You can restore deleted users anytime, but you can't restore deleted invitations.
You can also still see the hours they’ve registered in the Timesheet by selecting the “Show Deleted” option.