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More Reliable than Timecards and Punch Clocks

How productive are your employees being, really? Are they getting that online research project done, or are they spending time on social media? Are they effectively collaborating on the task due next week, or spending time talking about last weekend at the water cooler? With old timecards and punch clocks there was no way to really know if an employee was being productive with their time. But now all that has changed!
By measuring keystroke and mouse activity, TransparentBusiness gives you a real-time assessment of just how productive each worker is. And with screen shots of what is on their computer screen every three minutes, you know exactly that for which the keyboard and mouse activity was used. Now you not only can have an automated accounting of your worker's time, but also a clear understanding of what they did in that time. And there's no more forgetting to punch-in or punch-out. With TransparentBusiness, time tracking is automatic.

With TransparentBusiness, you can:

More reliable than timecards and punch clocks
Gain administrative efficiencies
Increase the overall productivity of your workforce
Verify hours billed

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