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Obtain the Full Benefits of Telecommuting

It is estimated that companies who allow full-time employees to telecommute can save as much as $20,000 per employee. Other studies have shown that telecommuting increases productivity, reduces employee turnover, and improves overall moral. However, some companies have given up on outsourcing out of concern that they cannot control worker output and communications unless they are in the office every day from 9 to 5.
Now you can reap all the benefits of telecommuting - making your employees happier and more - productive in the process - without the headaches of trying to blindly manage productivity or coordinate activities. When remote workers log in to your company through TransparentBusiness, you know - in real time - exactly what they've been working on. Wherever and whenever your employees sit down to work, you have an accurate and up to the minute record of exactly what work has been done, and how productive the employee has been. What's more, your remote employees can communicate with everyone else on their team effectively and efficiently through the system. And you can easily coordinate their diverse activities - just as if they were sitting in your office - to ensure each part of the workflow is done right, without costly delays from task bottlenecks or miscommunications.

With TransparentBusiness, you can:

Obtain the full benefits of telecommuting
Increase the overall productivity of your employees
Control and coordinate your remote employees
View the exact status of each project
Verify hours billed

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