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Whether you are the company owner, a project manager, or team member, understanding and using Gantt charts provides tremendous efficiently for communicating between stakeholders and coordinating efforts.
A Gantt chart is a special type of horizontal bar chart. This type of chart depicts the elements in a project, and shows the project's work-breakdown structure. This enables every stakeholder to see a detailed representation of the project's status at a glance. Project managers frequently use a variety of software products to produce Gantt charts. Gantt charts are widely used because they are so useful for giving both detailed information and the project status big picture. The challenge, however, has been that until now Gantt charts have only been able to show a project's status at some particular time in the past. Progress made and costs incurred since the last chart update were always left to "best guesses."
However, TransparentBusiness has changed all of that. With the system's build-in Gantt chart, every stakeholder in the project's completion can see up to the minute developments in each task. TransparentBusiness updates the chart in real-time based on the time logged for each worker. There is no other real-time Gantt chart in the world! And it's yours - free - when your workforce uses TransparentBusiness.

With TransparentBusiness, you can:

Have an exclusive, real-time Gantt chart
Up to the Minute Status Updates for Each Project
Coordinate your global team working remotely
Verify hours billed

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